Pharmaceutics, biotechnologies
and medicine work together
at Nearmedic for a healthy nation


А medicinal antiviral agent of broad spectrum. It is used for prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in children aged from 3 years onwards, and including adults. It is also used for treatment of influenza caused by different strains and types of viruses. The drug is also used for the treatment of Herpes in adults.


А collagenous resorbable material for filling bone defects, contour plasty of soft tissues, and coverage of uninfected wound surfaces. It is a Russian medical product intended to be injected into the connective tissue, implantation and application to the wound surface to optimize and accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Diagnostic test systems and laboratory equipment

The NEARMEDIC company supplies products of own manufacture and represents the largest foreign manufacturers of laboratory equipment and test systems on the Russian market. The company also deals in the maintenance of the equipment.


Russian first ever full cycle production of lyophilized agents for genetic identification of humans and establishment of filiation. HID panels for molecular genetic personal identification (agents for STR-typing) that are produced in a vitrificated form.

Project PBTZ 169

An innovative original medicine against pulmonary tuberculosis including its drug resistant forms. PBTZ169 has been developed jointly by NEARMEDIC and the Polytechnic School of Lausanne. It is part of a set of measures developed since 2012 to help combat and prevent the spreading of drug-resistant tuberculosis. The company project on the transfer of development activities and organization of a full production cycle.

Express tests for detection of drugs and alcohol in human saliva and urine

Transfer of the latest technology from Dutch Diagnostics (the Netherlands) and localization of production of compact express tests, allowing to reliably detect 11 groups of drugs and alcohol in a person’s saliva within 10 minutes without the involvement of a medical specialist.


A line of medical products for the separation of autologic stromal vascular fraction.

miniSTEM Separator Kit — a disposable sterile kit containing a cell fraction isolation unit and an enzyme for the processing of tissue.

miniSTEM Comby — an all-in-one system, containing a specially designed centrifuge with a constant temperature maintenance system, and a shaker incubator.


A line of medical products used for the regeneration of bone tissue based on the native non-reconstructed collagen technology.

Multidisciplinary clinics

NEARMEDIC Clinics are a chain of multidiscipline and specialized out-patient clinics offering a complete range of healthcare services. The clinics have highly experienced doctors, well trained and competent medical staff and technicians working on the state of art medical equipment.