NEARMEDIC strategic objectives

Efficient development and further expansion of biotechnological, diagnostic and pharmaceutical directions of business, aimed at meeting the national health care system needs through:

Portfolio optimization of manufactured and supplied diagnostic kits, by introduction of modern high quality innovative diagnostic products based on recent developments in fundamental and applied research in immunology, molecular biology, medical microbiology and infectology; 

Extension of the range of supplied diagnostic equipment with an emphasis on the introduction of up-to-date advanced technologies of automated diagnostics;

Increasing the volumes of manufacture of already existing registered pharmaceutical products and the introduction of new innovative pharmaceutical preparations under development for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and other pathologies;

Spread the chain of NEARMEDIC clinics, as well as increasing the scope of medical services and the list of analysis performed by NEARMEDIC centralized clinical laboratory to meet the needs of patients in getting highly qualified, timely, effective, and personal medical assistance in the system of private (non-state) medical service developed by the company.


Open new manufacturing facilities to increase the production capacity.

Increase the production of Kagocel® to satisfy the demand and to achieve the company’s market goals and objectives.

Increase the sales of different COLLOST® forms with the introduction of new medical technologies and standards of treatment in different medical specialties.

Extension of company’s pharmaceutical research and clinical development program to bring to the market a new original drug for treatment of cognitive disorders.

Medical and clinical laboratory services

Expansion of the NEARMEDIC medical service by opening new medical centers and analyses collection offices working to unified standards of quality and service.

Increase the provision of home analysis collection services and further improve their quality.

Extend medical services within the system of voluntary health insurance.

Proliferate the NEARMEDIC clinics chain in Russia by offering franchises in NEARMEDIC medical services.