The foundation of the NEARMEDIC success story is reliable partnerships, high quality services and a scientific attitude in all aspects of product and service development and business.

NEARMEDIC is distinguished by a close liaison with academic and research communities, extensive collaboration with state and private medical institutions of Russia, long-term international partnership with the world leading companies including manufacturers of advanced technologies, reagents and equipment for clinical laboratory diagnostics.

NEARMEDIC today is a fast-growing innovative Russian medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological company focusing on the following main business lines:

  • Development, manufacture and sales (including distribution) of diagnostic kits and reagents for viral and other infectious diseases;
  • Sales of medical laboratory equipment;
  • Development and production of original pharmaceutical products;
  • Provision of medical and clinical laboratory services.

The diagnostic kits manufactured and supplied by NEARMEDIC are widely used in medical institutions of the country for screening, confirmation, prevention and control of such infections as HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted and reproductive tract infections, including syphilis, respiratory pathogens as Legionella pneumophila, S.pneumoniae and others. Their use contributes and ensures the safety of donor blood and its preparations; prevents vertical transfer of HIV from mother to child; underlies the prescribing of antiretroviral therapy to HIV-infected patients and controlling the antiretroviral therapy efficacy; reveals HIV genomic mutations that confer resistance to antiretroviral drugs and covers the needs in urgent diagnostics of different infectious diseases and their epidemiological surveillance. For a number of years NEARMEDIC has held the status of an established supplier within the National Priority Project “Health”.

NEARMEDIC extensively cooperates with key international companies - world leaders in diagnostic products and laboratory equipment: Abbott Diagnostics (USA), Abbott Murex (Great Britain), Abbott Molecular (USA), Dainabot (Japan), Applied Biosystems (USA), Celera Diagnostic (USA), Innogenetics (Belgium), Omega Diagnostics (Great Britain), NewMarket Laboratories (Great Britain), Inverness Medical Professional Diagnostics (USA), Orgenics (Israel), Tecan (Switzerland), Don Whitley Scientific (Great Britain), Faster (Italy), Europrobe (France), AES Laboratoire (France), Varian (USA), Binder (Germany), Bio Merieux (France), Beckman Coulter (USA), Miele (Germany) – identifying and introducing innovative diagnostic methods, products and modern laboratory technique to the Russian market.

In the pharmaceutical portfolio of NEARMEDIC, there are unique domestic products: COLLOST® and antiviral drug Kagocel® as well as potential products in the development pipeline. Kagocel®  is included by the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation into the provisional guidelines for “Treatment and prevention of pandemic influenza virus A(H1N1) infection in adults”, and inserted in the List of essential and the most important drugs approved by the Order of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation and included in the system of state procurement.

The clinical and laboratory medical business of NEARMEDIC comprises of a chain of  medical centers, plus a home-visits service and a centralized clinical laboratory.

“Medicine is based on good laboratory and instrumental diagnostics and objective examination. Our excellent medical service is based on a combination of our own multi-field clinical laboratory with up-to-date facilities and modern diagnostic instruments, which works in close cooperation with leading specialists and experts of the Gamaleya Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology, and most important of all: our first class doctors”. (Professor V.G. Nesterenko, the Director General).

NEARMEDIC clinics, besides traditionally having a  focus on the clinical diagnosis and cure of urogenital infections, immunity disorders and their consequences (gynecology, urology, dermatovenereology), now also provide a complete medical service in laboratory, clinical, functional and instrumental diagnostics, treatment (including in-patient treatment) and prevention of diseases in different medical specialities including therapy, pediatrics, vaccinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, proctology, traumatology and orthopedics, surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The Centralized Clinical Laboratory NEARMEDIC runs modern automated laboratory equipment and is able to carry out more than a thousand types of studies (including unique and rare laboratory tests).


  • More than 350 highly qualified specialists including dozens with the titles of professor and M.D., Ph.D. degrees, experts of the Russian national and WHO collaborative reference laboratories working with the latest advances in science and know-how for the development of modern diagnostic and pharmaceutical products;
  • Production facilities for manufacturing pharmaceutical and diagnostic products compliant with GMP standards;
  • Innovative Russian antiviral drug Kagocel®;
  • Unique biological collagenic products line COLLOST®;
  • The chain of NEARMEDIC clinics working to unified standards of quality of service;
  • One of the few Russian companies advancing high-tech medical, pharma- and diagnostic business;
  • One of the leaders in the market of medical and laboratory services, the provision of clinical diagnostic products and equipment, as well as one of the innovative leaders of domestic pharmaceutical industry.

NEARMEDIC today is the acknowledged expert in health care.