Diagnostic kits

The first significant business endeavor of NEARMEDIC was the development, manufacture, and introduction into medical practice of modern high quality laboratory diagnostic kits for the identification of the most dangerous human infectious diseases (e.g. HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis and other STI, TORCH-infections, etc.).

NEARMEDIC was the first company in Russia to launch a diagnostic kit production compliant with GMP standards.

In 1998, NEARMEDIC became the first Russian company to start production of highly standardized kits for the diagnosis of syphilis based on passive hemagglutination (TPHA) and rapid plasma reagents (RPR). NEARMEDIC also became the first Russian manufacturer of EIA screening kits for simultaneous detection of antigen and antibodies to HIV, which have been produced since 2002 under license from Abbott Diagnostics/Abbott Murex. In 2004, the company launched the production of tests for confirming seroconversion to HIV and hepatitis C virus, using Line Immune Assay technology (LIA) under license from Innogenetics (Belgium). Since 2009, NEARMEDIC has manufactured and supplied the Russian health care system with “RealTime HIV-1” kits for quantitative assessment of HIV viral load under license from Abbott Molecular.

NEARMEDIC also provides domestic supplies of high quality diagnostic kits and reagents developed and produced by the world leading diagnostic companies including Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Molecular, Abbott Murex, Binax, Biocheck, Europrobe, Innogenetics, Inverness Professional Medical Diagnostics.