The Central Clinical Laboratory of NEARMEDIC was established in 1996 at the Gamaleya Research Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The laboratory is equipped with modern automatic analyzers and provides clinical diagnostic services to the chain of NEARMEDIC clinics as well performing analyses to individual patients, and collaborates with other clinics, reporting the laboratory data results for shipped specimens on the basis of corporate service agreements.

NEARMEDIC laboratory is organized, accredited and certified in accordance with national regulatory standards. Broad scientific and medical knowledge combined with technical expertise and complimented by new methods in clinical laboratory diagnostics, make it possible to perform over a thousand different types of analytical procedure including some that are rare or unique.

NEARMEDIC laboratory services follows strict regulatory guidelines to ensure the highest quality of the data and reliability is maintained by an internal laboratory audit incorporated into routine day-to-day operational procedures. High quality of laboratory data and metrics are also guaranteed by the use of validated laboratory equipment, certified diagnostic kits and reagents supplied by the leading Russian and international diagnostic companies. Most of the clinical studies performed by NEARMEDIC laboratory are GLP-compliant. The laboratory permanently participates in the Russian Federal System of External Quality Assurance and in globally recognized programs of external quality control including Labquality and Viral Quality Control.

Clinical Laboratory NEARMEDIC