Winners of the 16th Calling Award

2016-06-21 09:43

On June 19th TV Channel 1 held a live broadcast of the Calling award ceremony. The ceremony masters Elena Malysheva and Alexander Rosenbaum with invited celebrities, including  the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, presented awards to the most worthy, whose skills and ability to act in extreme situations made them undisputable heroes. One of the partners of the 16th Calling award is the NEARMEDIC company, the manufacturer of the antiviral drug KAGOCEL.

In his welcoming speech Dmitry Medvedev emphasized as follows: "We will continue to invest in medicine, retool medicine, prepare brilliant professionals, invest in science, in education. Only in this case our country has a future." Much has been done for the future of this country this year. And judging by the results of the year doctors have selected those who received awards on the stage of the Russian Army Central Academic Theatre.

Among those especially distinguished this year were:

 • pediatric surgeons, under the leadership of Dr. A. Neudachin - for conducting a unique operation saving a human life. The doctors performed a series of operations to save a girl at the age of 2 and 10 days, which was born with a completely desintegrated stomach.
• pediatric surgeons V. Nikolaev and A. Pisklakov  - for the development and introduction of  a technology for the treatment of severe diseases of the organs of the pelvis in children.
• Special award to doctors who assist victims of military actions, terrorist activities, and natural disasters, was presented to the team of plastic surgeons and transplantologists under the guidance of Dr. M. Volokh. The doctors performed a unique operation of a "face transplantation".

NEARMEDIC, which supported the award this year as being especially important for this country, congratulates the winners who have done so much for health care and who, the company hopes, will not stop conquering new heights.