Kagocel is Among Leaders of National Pharmaceutical Rating - 2016

2016-12-26 13:38

December 20 witnessed the first grand ceremony of rewarding the nominees of the National Pharmaceutical Rating – 2016 held by DSM Group, the leading Russian marketing agency.

Antiviral drug Kagocel entered the top three among the OTC drugs, losing only to the Nurofen trademark. The ranking is assessed against sales of the product calculated in consumer prices.

The ranking covers over 5,800 brands and more than 1,300 manufacturers. A simple and transparent system allows one to assess the position of the brands and to identify leaders. The National Pharmaceutical Rating reflects the actual choice of physicians and patients. The DSM Group aims to distinguish the best in the industry, to publicly describe the work of those who influence the quality of healthcare in Russia.


The DSM Group marketing agency specializes in the pharma market research, in the provision of advertising services to the companies in the sector, as well as in the organization and holding of specialized conferences.

Kagocel is the practitioners' most often prescribed drug in the prevention and treatment of SARS and influenza; the laureate of the Russian Pharma Awards'16; it is included in the list of vital and essential drugs (EDL) and remains in high demand not only for the treatment of SARS and influenza, but also for prophylactic purposes during periods of decline in the overall incidence.