Kagocel Becomes Laureate of the Russian Pharma Awards for the Third Time

2016-12-05 13:40

On December 1, 2016 the anniversary ceremony of the Russian Pharma Awards took place. Based on the results of the Russian practitioners vote, the antiviral drug Kagocel was recognized as No. 1 in the nomination "The Most Often Prescribed Drug in the Prevention and Treatment of ARVI and Flu".

The contest had been organized by Doctor at Work, the largest social network for Russian-speaking doctors. More than 500,000 doctors participated in the selection of the best in the pharmaceutical industry by voting in favor of drugs they considered to demonstrate the utmost efficiency.

Antiviral drug Kagocel becomes the winner of the Russian Pharma Awards for the third year in a row, which once again confirms the high level of doctors' trust in Kagocel.

Experts note the efficiency of the drug, the possibility of appointing it as late as the 4th day from the onset of the disease, the high level of security and a wide evidentiary basis. At the same time NEARMEDIC, the manufacturer of Kagocel, has recently completed a unique post-authorization study "Treatment of SARS and influenza in routine clinical practice (FLU-EE)". The project involved 262 medical centers from Russia, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia, and more than 18 000 patients aged 18 to 93 years with a confirmed diagnosis of SARS and influenza. In the complex therapy, Kagocel has demonstrated high efficiency in patients of various ages and severity of the disease, regardless of the time of prescription, including delayed administration. The study showed that the use of the drug leads to a 51 percent reduction in the number of patients with complications receiving systemic antibacterial drugs.


Russian Pharma Awards is an annual award in the field of pharmaceutics and medicine, proven to be objective and independent. Users of the Doctor at Work social network anonymously vote for the best drugs of their choice in different categories, giving preference to those with efficiency proven by their own experience.

Kagocel is an original antiviral drug developed by Russian scientists for the treatment and prevention of influenza and ARVI for adults and children from the age of three. The drug is available without prescription, it has a high safety profile and a convenient dosage regimen.