Two Companies of the NEARMEDIC Group Join the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster

2017-02-10 13:40

On February 7, 2017, the annual meeting of the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster noncommercial partnership took place. The members of the partnership voted for two companies of the NEARMEDIC Group, the OOO Nearmedic Pharma production facility and the OOO JoinTechCell project company, to join the cluster.

The NEARMEDIC group of companies is one of the founders and an active participant (member of the Board) of the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster noncommercial partnership. On June 5, 2015, the company launched its own pharmaceutical production facility in Obninsk in the Kaluga region. The uniqueness of the facility is, that its operation covers the whole cycle, from the synthesis of raw materials to manufacture of finished drugs. All manufactured products are own original developments or licensed foreign technology transfers. The production site has been built in full compliance with international quality standards. In 2016, Nearmedic Pharma was officially put on Russia's list of national achievements having won the Russia 2015 Event of the Year contest in the nomination "Major Project in the Pharmaceutical Industry".

The other new member of the cluster is the OOO JoinTechCell, another company of the NEARMEDIC Group and a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. The company toils at creating a new platform of products based on the enzymatic processing of adipose tissue to obtain a stromal-vascular cell fraction for further use in the treatment of various diseases.

In the near future, the market will see an innovative medical device - the miniSTEM system consisting of the miniSTEM Comby hardware, which is an"all-in-one"  processing system including the specially designed centrifuge maintaining constant temperature, and the shaker incubator. The other component of the miniSTEM system is a single-use miniSTEM separator kit, comprising a device for the separation of cellular fractions and an enzyme for tissue processing.

The product of the JoinTechCell company has been designed for the substitution of imports, allowing the use of advanced regenerative practices in Russian hospitals at an affordable price and, at the same time, increasing the share of medical device production in the cluster.

At the meeting, the new Board of Directors of the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster was also elected. Nominated to represent the NEARMEDIC group of companies was its GR Director, member of the Russian Academy for Medical and Technical Sciences, RF State Councilor 1st class Alexander Toporkov.




NEARMEDIC is a Russian pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical company founded in 1989 by a group of scientists of the N. F. Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Main activities comprise: creation of new original drugs (including antiviral drug Kagocel), their manufacture and introduction into medical practice; development, manufacture, and sale of medical products and diagnostic test systems; integrated delivery of laboratory equipment for medical laboratories; provision of medical and laboratory services (through the NEARMEDIC chain of clinics).

The Pharmaceutics, Biotechnologies, and Biomedicine Cluster was formed in the Kaluga region in 2011. In 2012, it acquired the legal form of a non-commercial partnership, the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster (KPC NP). Today, pharmaceutical companies in the cluster produce about 139 items with several dozen more planned for prospective development. Since the formation of the cluster to present, 3,000 new jobs have been created, most of them being highly skilled positions in technological, scientific, and educational structures.