Nearmedic Launches a New Product Website

2017-04-26 20:35

The Nearmedic company has recently launched a website dedicated to the new line of medical devices for use in the field of regenerative medicine.

At the moment, OOO JoinTechCell, a  project company of the Nearmedic Group and a Skolkovo Foundation resident, is focused on developing a line of products designed to obtain cells from a patient's adipose tissue that have regenerative potential.

In the near future, the market will see a separator and a centrifuge-shaker combination to produce a standardized product – the stromal-vascular fraction (SVF). This system, called  miniSTEM, is easy to use, requires no special skills or lengthy training.

The operation of the device is based on the method of separating cell fractions possessing regenerative properties of adipose tissue of the patient. The resulting cell fraction will be immediately introduced to the same patient to repair the damaged tissue or organ. Using the miniSTEM system makes it possible to obtain cells with minimal loss of their viability. This method allows one to implement the successful concept of point of care, same surgical procedure (obtaining SVF and introducing it to the patient is a single operating procedure).

The JoinTechCell platform of medical products performs the whole cycle of stepwise ablution and processing of the adipose tissue by an enzyme to isolate stromal-vascular fractions: adipose tissue is placed into the device – a closed, sterile, sealed, disposable reservoir, and, with the use of a proven protocol, all the stages of fermentation and ablution are applied. The resultant stromal-vascular fraction is withdrawn through a corresponding channel of the separator and is introduced to the patient.

In the absence of domestic analogues, and presence in our market of a registered foreign product, which is expensive to use, the JoinTechCell company has the potential to radically change the market of regenerative medicine in Russia.

The company website http://jointechcell.com contains detailed information about the miniSTEM system.