xMark line of products

DNA identification

The xMark line is a line of reagent kits for the genetic identification based on multiplex PCR analysis of autosomal markers as well as the STR markers of the human Y chromosome. Its full cycle production takes place at the Nearmedic Pharma plant.


  • Forensic expertise, forensic science
  • Creation of DNA databases
  • Typing of suspects, prisoners, military, etc.
  • Determination of kinship
  • Determination of paternity

Benefits of the project

  • High quality reagent kits, quality control at all stages of production
  • Development and production of the entire product line required for analysis
  • Compliance with existing international requirements applied in forensics and forensic examinations
  • Competitive pricing

Patents / licenses / certificates

ISO 9001:2015 (GOST ISO 9001-2015) No. ROSS RU.OS/07.SMKE.18-0431

A certificate of compliance with ISO 18385 No. 70918


  1. Priority prize winner in the field of import substitution, nomination Efficient Production

Project support

  • Industry
    Industry Support Fund

Project status

Full cycle production has been launched
The kits are being tested at target agencies