COLLOST – collagen absorbable material

COLLOST biomaterial is the type 1 collagen, close by its biological composition and structure to human collagen, which serves as matrix for guided tissue regeneration.

COLLOST in surgery and dentistry

COLLOST is a sterile absorbable collagen material unique in the Russian market

COLLOST is the non-reconstructed type 1 collagen with completely preserved native structure

COLLOST ensures regeneration of tissue and recovery of its structure

COLLOST acts as matrix for new tissue formation

Indications in surgery

Chronic wound treatment

  • pressure marks
  • sluggish diabetic and venous ulcers
  • trophic ulcers

Acute wounds treatment

  • avulsive wounds
  • stab wounds
  • cut wounds
  • after-surgery wounds

Filling of bone defects and osteoplasty

  • regeneration of inborn and acquired defects of bone and soft tissues

Indications in dentistry

  • Dental extraction (with/without complications)
  • Resection of tooth root apex
  • Cystectomy
  • Dental reimplantation
  • Removal of furcating defect
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Periodontitis (minimally invasive treatments and reconstructive operations)
  • Gingival recession
  • Implantation with presence of bone tissues defects or capillary fracture
  • Sinus lift procedure
  • Reconstruction of inborn or acquired defects of bone or soft tissues


  • Non-reconstructed 1st type collagen with totally saved native structure
  • Ensures creation of physiological conditions for wound healing due to prevention of rapid uncontrolled growth of granulation tissue
  • Growth of new tissue strictly sticks to collagen matrix

COLLOST in cosmetology

COLLOST is a natural collagen in injections maximally approximate in its structure to human collagen. It ensures derma regeneration due to activation of collagen genesis and improves derma characteristics


  • Age-related changes of face, neck and decollate skin
  • Decreased skin tonus and turgor
  • Atrophic scars on face and body: pitted acne scars, post-traumatic, post-surgery scars, streak
  • Recovery after cosmetic surgery or after aggressive procedures


  • Therapy is possible at any patient`s age: COLLOST ensures regeneration of even low potential skin structure
  • Effective treatment of chronic scars and streaks
  • Durable prolonged effect
  • Procedures interval is 3-4 weeks, recommended course – 3-5 procedures